Player Development & Training Center - Baseball / Softball Batting Cages

BREAKING NEWS! We are pleased to announce that Jenn & Del Matticks have formed Power Alley OC, LLC and will keep the facility open to continue serving the training needs of all baseball and softball sports enthusiasts for years to come! Please stop in to meet the new owners and check out the facility!


Power Alley OC is pleased to welcome former Atlanta Braves Slugger Brian Hunter and former San Diego Padres Darrell Sherman to our coaching line up.

Coach Hunter and Coach Sherman bring years of top notch experience and are now available for private instruction exclusively at Power Alley OC. Please call or email Power Alley OC today to schedule your private session with Coach Brian Hunter or Coach Darrell Sherman.


Training Tunnels and Aids

The Power Alley OC Player Development & Training Center is breaking new ground!  Come in and hit on your own, with friends or with your team in any one of our 8 combination baseball and/or softball batting cages OR reserve space in our dedicated training area!
 30 min.60min.90min.
Tee Work Area
15' x 30'$15$25$33
Exclusive Square Training Tunnels
30' x 30'$20$35$45
Pitching/Hitting/Fielding Tunnels
15' x 60' or 70' (subject to availability)$20$35$45
Dedicated Pitching Lanes
Softball or Baseball$20$35$45
Team Practice Area
30' x 60' or 70' (subject to availability)$35$65$85
30' x 140'
60 min. $135 + $65 ea. additional
30 min.
Pitching Machines & Radar (Ask Front Desk For Space/Machines Combo Specials)
Atec Casey Pro Pitching Machine
$15 per 30 minutes

Professional Stalker Radar Gun

$10 per 15 minutes





  • 1 Token ------------ $1.00

** 11 pitches per each token **

$25 Punch Cards are BACK! Bonus token w/each card purchase!

Cage Time

  • 15 Minutes ---------- $12.00
  • 30 Minutes ---------- $22.00
  • 45 Minutes ---------- $30.00
  • 60 Minutes ---------- $36.00
  • 90 Minutes ---------- $50.00